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The Cuomo Files
As the recent Newsday cover (left) makes abundantly clear, Governor Cuomo is no friend of public education, though he cloaks himself in the mantra of "education reform" and presents himself as the tough talking savior of New York's education system. However, the emperor clearly wears no clothes. For example, his plan to change the APPR in order to remove almost all local control, in which the local measure will be eliminated and standardized test scores will count for 50% of a teacher's evaluation, shows that he truly knows nothing about education. It is truly scary and a sad state of affairs that someone such as this is in such a position of power. Therefore, every single one of us need to fight against Governor Cuomo's education agenda at every step! Make sure to visit our Take Action page regularly and follow the steps requested by the true advocates of education. Share this information with everyone you know that cares about the state of public education in New York. Teachers cannot win this fight alone and apathy is not an option!

Below you will find information about Governor Cuomo's education agenda. Read it. Share it. Act upon it.
Watch and share NYSUT's new TV ad challenging the Governor's dangerous, out-of-touch "test-and-punish" agenda!

Why Cuomo’s school reform plans would make teaching a very high-risk career choice (1/30/15, The Washington Post)

FOIL Request for Projected School Aid Runs 2015-16 for All NYS Public School Districts Statewide - See more at:
FOIL Request for Projected School Aid Runs 2015-16 for All NYS Public School Districts Statewide - See more at:
FOIL Request for Projected School Aid Runs 2015-16 for All NYS Public School Districts Statewide  - See more at:

Superintendent Bashes Cuomo (1/26/15, Bethlehem Central School District)

Cuomo pushing test scores as (false) answers (1/24/15,

“He’s trying to essentially strong-arm his agenda by holding the kids in New York state hostage,” Norfolk-Norwood Central School Superintendent James M. Cruikshank said. “This is very crippling and I don’t think he cares.” -
Find out what Supt. Cruikshank is talking about! (1/23/15, Watertown Daily Times)

Cuomo's War Against Teachers is an Attack Against Women, by Hofstra University's Alan Singer (1/22/15, Huffington Post)

Good Government Groups Say Cuomo is Wrong - Listen in on the podcast by Citizen Action’s Karen Scharff on Governor Cuomo’s out of touch proposals for education and his take it or leave it approach in making it happen. (1/22/15, WCNY)

Cuomo dangles school aid for education reforms (1/22/15,


Opting-Out of State Exams - Get the Facts
- Blurred lines in Common Core Fight (3/19/15, Democrat & Chronicle)

YouTube: Standardized Testing is not Teaching

Campbell Brown spearheads drive to eliminate due process rights (tenure) for NYS teachers. Watch her appearance on the Colbert Report.

- Legal challenge to tenure clears hurdle, union vows to fight back (3/12/15, Chalkbeat NY)


Watch this important video: "Facts, Not Fear: Ten Tenure Truths"
Poverty and Education
When Poverty Comes to School (Winter 2014, AFT)


Charter Schools

The Truth About Step Increases
2017 NYS Constitutional Convention
The Impact of the 2% Tax Cap

Click the image to the left to find out more about how the 2% tax cap impacts New York's public schools. Also, read: Get ready — here comes Cuomo's tax cap, by Scott Brinton
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